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We are established e-commerce consultancy and were one of the first UK companies offering Magento development.

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Osnova Solutions specialises in SugarCRM cusomization, integration and development.


We provide full range of Salesforce consulting, development and administration services.


We provide Python and Django development and consulting services.

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November 12, 2014

Beta version of SecuRemit – software for money trasfer agents is expected to be released for testing by the end of May 2009

October 16, 2014

SecuRemit site for most advanced money transfer system goes live. SecuRemit designed as an ultimate system for money transfer business to keep track of all your online and offline transactions. It is easy to use and administrate fully automated solution.

October 02, 2014

Osnova Solutions is proud to provide SugarCRM consulting to London Internet Exchange. One of the largest Internet exchanges in Europe.

September 24, 2014

Osnova Solutions was appointed by Accurro Ltd as a CRM subcontractor.

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Customer relationship management systems help companies maintain stable communications with their clients, conduct marketing campaigns, efficiently process incoming requests and respond to them – shortly put, work better and sell more.

Among a large number of CRM solutions available on the market, SugarCRM assumes a special position. This is probably the world’s most popular open source customer relationship management system that is used by thousands of businesses across the globe.

The software automates various aspects of your company’s operation:

  • sales (lead, account and opportunity management),
  • marketing (email marketing and campaign management),
  • and customer support (incident monitoring and tracking, case management).

All of these automation tools are closely interconnected and enable your employees to efficiently cooperate within the same business environment, no matter where they are physically located.

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SugarCRM features a fully configurable user interface and a flexible access rights management system, so employees can be provided with exactly the tools they need to do their part of the job.

The administrator of the system and department heads are able to monitor the performance of their subordinates using intuitive visual means, such as graphs, pipelines, calendars and charts located on the Dashboard, as well as to generate detailed on-demand reports for analysis and decision-making.

SugarCRM can be easily integrated with the most popular office applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Word, using plug-ins, which makes data entry and editing much easier and saves a great deal of your time.

Each client account created in the system can be associated with contacts and account-related activities, such as

  • meetings,
  • notes,
  • document attachments,
  • appointments,
  • email messages,
  • cases,
  • business opportunities and leads that can be edited and updated along the sales process.

The software also provides plenty of tools for efficient collaboration, sharing, workflow automation, invoicing, time and task management.

On the whole, SugarCRM is a well-balanced, flexible and feature-packed CRM solution that provides everything necessary for small- and medium-sized businesses.

The open source nature of SugarCRM is another key advantage of this product. The use of the LAMP development stack facilitates SugarCRM customization and enables you to tailor the system to your needs using in-house developers or third-party SugarCRM experts or SugarCRM freelancers.

Possible customization tasks include (but are in no way limited to) integration with third-party solutions, websites, accounting suites, VoIP systems and helpdesk applications, creation of custom modules, forms and reports, modifications of invoice and quote generation mechanisms and much more.

However, as large and complex as it is, SugarCRM can hardly be customized by just any company.

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If you are contemplating a serious modification of SugarCRM to meet your company’s requirements and comply with your business processes, the choice of the right SugarCRM expert is of utmost importance.

Not only should the developer know the internal structure of the product and its framework, but also be very knowledgeable about business processes, data and document flow models and be able to efficiently apply this knowledge in SugarCRM development.

Our company offers a wide range of CRM customization services, including SugarCRM customization and SugarCRM consulting.

Our SugarCRM experts will be able to analyze your business problem and suggest the optimal ways of solving them. Once the project plan has been discussed in detail and approved, our SugarCRM London team will start the work on the project and will keep you constantly updated about the progress, so you will always be in full control of the development process.

We know how SugarCRM works and we’ll be able to make it work the way you need it. If you are looking for an experienced SugarCRM developer and integrator, don’t hesitate to contact our SugarCRM UK team with any inquiries – we’ll be glad to assist you with your SugarCRM customization needs!

Magento Ecommerce

Magento Ecommerce has not been around for too long, but it has produced a lot of buzz among owners of online stores and businesses just contemplating the creation of their digital outlets.

The product offered an unprecedented set of features  - usually found in much more advanced custom solutions – right out of the box and, most importantly, it was free and open source.

An aggressive development strategy of its developer, Varien, their focus on users’ needs and constant improvement quickly turned Magento into the most advanced free shopping cart software on the market. Taking the very best from its popular predecessors, Magento set a new standard for both free and commercial e-commerce solutions that is unlikely to be changed in the nearest years.

Magento was the first solution to offer such great features as layered navigation, centralized management of multiple storefronts and excellent flexibility of the product management process in a product you could simply download and start using for free.

Layered navigation provides an easy and intuitive way of drilling down through vast inventories and getting to the product you need using the shortest route and spending a bare minimum of time.

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Support of multiple storefronts enables online merchants to diversify their businesses to create product- or service-specific sites utilizing the same database and manage them all from a single panel.

Finally, if you like the idea of complete control over your prices, promotions and special offers, Magento is definitely what you need. No other free products are even nearly in the same ballpark in terms of product management flexibility.

Being an open source solution, Magento allows you to customize your online store and add any features you need – given that you have the necessary development skills and understand the inner workings of the product. The reality, however, is not so bright.

When it comes to serious code customization or integration with other solutions, Magento is anything but a no-brainer. The framework it was developed on is rather complex, which makes it a nut hard to crack even for intermediate developers, let alone novices.

Therefore, if you are thinking about enhancing your Magento store and implementing unique features that will help you increase customer loyalty and boost sales, it is recommended to entrust this task into the hands of Magento experts, or at least experienced Magento freelancers.

Magento customization is a complex process comprised of several stages that inexperienced companies or individuals may not be able to handle properly. First, the business logic of your customization has to be laid out as a set of rules, algorithms and use cases.

Then the actual coding starts and that’s when the lack of experience in Magento customization becomes crucial. An unexpected error or regularly recurring bug can take days or weeks to fix, which can seriously undermine your sales, especially during seasonal sales peaks.

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A Magento expert would know the stumbling stones of the platform, possible workarounds for existing issues and ways to optimize the performance of an existing store, so if you are serious about your online business, find a serious development partner and establish lasting relations to ensure that any problem with your Magento store can be solved quickly and efficiently.

Our company has specialized in Magento development and Magento consulting since the platform was released. The Magento customization experience we have accumulated enables us to perform tasks of any complexity within reasonable time and budget.

Our London Magento team will gladly assist you with any of your e-commerce projects and will provide comprehensive professional answers to your questions.

We don’t just write code – we focus on your business needs and help you solve problems you may have not known about and streamline your online sales.

If looking for a Magento UK expert, you’ve come to the right place, so don’t hesitate to contact us right away for with a description of your needs. We will get back to you shortly with answers, customization options and cost/duration quote.